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Babies to pre-schoolers  (reading tips & tricks)

how do I read to my baby?

Do you read to your baby daily? if not daily then alternate days maybe. Reading a book to toddler seems silly at first but when you read them daily, and they habitually enjoy it. They listen to every word you say while reading, Here in this space I want to share how to practice reading to toddlers.

  • Both mommy and kid sit comfortably, basically position yourself. Do not expect a toddler to sit still
  • Choose a good book having pictures of animals and other babies, of faces, and familiar objects. It is easy for kids to engage.
  • Use different voices and tones to make each dialogue interesting.
  • Look for the text that is short and simple. Read to babies daily. preferably at night!
  • Always remember that mood is an important factor in listening. You got to adjust your schedule as per your baby’s mood swings.
  • Read with them, not to them. Have in mind you are building their reading skills. and not showing them book pictures.
  • Take time to ask questions, toddler answers will have strong opinions and ideas. Encourage them to tell you what they think of.
  • The best way to raise smart kids by having the habit of reading or listening to mothers reading.
  • Read it again and again. It gets memorized to kid.


  • Most brain development takes place within the first couple of years. ( Don’t beat yourself up if you do this now and then: we all need a moment to ourselves occasionally! )
  • From a younger age, if a kid starts reading, they develop empathy.
  • Their vocabulary increases benefits in brain imaging when reading to a child aloud by adults.
  • They will speak effectively in the good language which you preferred while reading.

We are bookworms family. We three love reading books. Books make our understanding deeper, as they say, books are the truest friends. As per me without books life is zero. To all the mommies out there, reading a good book weekly is just a different world altogether.

A cup of tea in hand and a toddler on the other hand with a book in their hand makes a great combination.

Digital books are also an option. Not for babies, but for kids age 4 and above we can read digital books. They create animations and bond between words and pictures.


At last, I would say books are life! Start reading to your kids at an early age.

Read Read and Read….

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