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Parent’s Realization

Know about Parent's Realization

I was been invited to tea by my friend at her place. My son and her son were playing together. All of a sudden they both started snatching a toy car. My friend consoled her son not to snatch, and he shouted in front of us on her mother. she was just listening to his bullshit. I told her what kind of man are you raising? And guess what was her excuse? he is young. I was like so what if he is young? he is not respecting you at this young age, how he will listen to you in the coming years. Please stop neglecting this. I am explaining to you as you are a very good friend of mine.


Do you know why he was so rude to her? Because

1) It is his mother’s problem who has given this authenticity to him. when he shouts or yell on her , she took it so casually and took those moments for granted. If the son discards food on the floor , the mother starts wiping it off the floor why? because their son is young. Seriously is that your reason????? I don’t get what type of man are we raising? one day if they get married to a girl how will they behave? Because they think that its ok to demand female figures for anything. They are just like that.

2) Mothers are good at making excuses, just to defend their sons.

what if when they will explore the world, Are you going to be with them forever? Why are you making them weak? If you don’t let them learn their mistakes , the world will for sure. So, its better you make them learn at a very young age. Be a good example for them. Don’t be their servant parents. Till two years of age is good enough when you actually can start teaching them.

Realize it soon, parents else it will be too late to make them understand the values, relationships, etiquette.

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