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Let’s Start Being Grateful

Be thankful

The first thing in the morning we do is “checking our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Wherein the first thing should be done to say thanks to almighty for everything he had blessed us and that too with a smile on your face. Gratitude is a way of saying thanks. It’s an emotion, not an action. We should be thankful for the all small things in our life. The habit of our mind is to distract from the availability of resources and concentrates on what is not available or what is not going right with us.

Let’s take note of things we should be grateful for daily. We generally forget to do that.

  • For good food
  • For lovely family
  • For the roof over our head
  • For good health
  • For everything around us beautiful flowers, nature…

There are people in this world who are dreaming of this life. And we are already blessed with it. Still, we crib and look at the negative aspect of everything that comes our way. It’s a human tendency. It’s scientifically proven that our brain attracts towards negatives than positives aspects. The good thing about Practicing gratitude is that one doesn’t require to teach their kids the attitude of gratitude. As they say, kids learn better by how we behave with them rather than what we teach them.

Every day, especially during these trying times, we need to keep our cool and be grateful for little things. Being grateful is the mood that grows with age. Appreciate criticism, it makes you strong, and gives genuine pleasure when seen things with an attitude of gratitude!!

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