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Factors required to choose a preschool for kids

After Covid -19 gets over

With the new education policy in our system. People are a little worried about the admissions of their kids in preschools. The age group of 3-8 will come under the foundational stage which is split into two parts .3 years of pre-school and two years in Grades 1-2.The main thing arises that what should be measures taken while selecting the play way schools for their little ones. Here in this space, I would like to share some of the aspects to keep a check while selecting pre-school for kids.



Focus on Location of the school:( Nearby residential place )

The location should be of the utmost importance while finding a good fit for our kids. If you chose a school far away from your residential location then kids will get exhausted from all the traveling and may not go to school or do tantrums while going to school. Let us know that pre-schools are only to make kids busy for a couple of hours so that they play and learn. So, why to look for faraway locations?

The environment of the school: (full of kids interest)

when a kid starts a pre-school or daycare that is the biggest thing in a child’s life. They are going through the anxiety of separation. As a parent, we must know where our child will get easily fitted. Also do take reviews of schools from people around you or outside about that specific school. while choosing one, take a tour of the school playground, classrooms, space to move around the classrooms it doesn’t need to be huge but adequate sized for kids to walk and sit.

Staff members of the school:( loving, caring and wise )

Look for teachers who are warm and welcoming, who do genuine conversation with your child. While touring a pre-school keep an eye on how teachers interact with other kids. Are they look happy, enjoying the environment around. Talk to the principal of the school and ask about the qualifications of the teachers , because they will be like second mothers to our kids who will be handling our kids.

Safety & hygiene: ( secure and cleanliness )

Leaving your child in good hands is one of the biggest responsibilities as a parent. Make sure the school has boundary walls, security cameras active, guards outside the school gate. Also, tight restrictions of kids for not going out of the class. How clean they keep their surroundings. That should be aptly figured out.

Pre-schools are the first and foremost event in kids life.Choose it wisely for them.

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