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Daily habits which strengthens relations with kids

build your connection strong

Looking back on my childhood days, how my parents use to make good use of our summer vacation, we use to go to our grandparents ( naani’s house ) to spend time with cousins and elders. It was fun. Now when we have so many technologies in our hands and fewer connections with family and people around and crunch of time is one of the factor parents couldn’t strengthen the relationship with their kids.

Here I am sharing four basic things which we all can follow to build a connection with our kids even when we are running short of time.

  • Firstly we can start our mornings with saying something good to our kids: Taking two or three minutes in the morning to focus on our child’s face and say something positive can have a big impact. “Good morning, my love! Seeing your sweet face makes me happy” is a thoughtful way to greet a child into their day Making this a daily habit starts each day off on the right foot.
  • Eat together once in a day daily:Ideally taking all meals together should be the aim. Sometimes it’s not feasible. Perhaps an early morning breakfast together is more doable, or even a late evening dessert or hot milk -only meeting in the kitchen works best.
  • We can take out a special time for at least 10 mins for our kids. Where they can just open up whatever is there in their heart. Which I am sure will help him in building connections between kids and parents. Initially set it at 10 minutes per child but we often talk beyond that because children do open up their hearts during this time. If there is nothing to talk about, which happens rarely, I put 3 questions in front of them: “Tell me something good that happened today.” “Is there anything you’re worried about or want to ask?” “Tell me one of your dreams or goals in life.” This question you can ask your kid once they are between 4 to 5 years of age. Toddlers will not be able to understand so early.
  • Reading to them daily during night if possible! Even studies showed that eating with family builds strong emotions and connections. But we don’t need studies to show us to eat together or gather together. Do we? If it’s not already on your priority list, it’s a great time to start this connection-building habit.

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