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Celebrations during lockdown !

Mine was Anniversary

Every anniversary is a milestone. But, when it falls during pandemic or lockdown. Then we get confused, how to make celebrations special? Mine was two days back on 28th June and it was our 8th wedding anniversary. Believe me, it was the best celebration so far! Because, Every task, house chores we performed together be it cooking, cleaning, or looking after a kid was full of laughter and fun. Thankfully, it was Sunday. So I would like to share some points with you all. How to make it interesting and enjoyable.

Bake the cake together 

Our celebrations started on the 27th of June evening. When we baked the cake together. I was instructing my husband on it and we prepared a lovely heart shape chocolate cake with love and patience. Of all the celebration, it was the most amazing moment. This is something you don’t do daily.

Having breakfast together

Usually, it happens that either you or your spouse prepares breakfast for you. They bring tea on to your table, Also either of you doesn’t have time to have meals together. Well, it is time to do something different. To make each other special prepare light and healthy breakfast like sandwiches with a cup of coffee or tea.

Put some music on

Listening to some of your favorites, oldies, and dancing on it, to make it extra special. You will cherish those moments for sure. Dancing with spouse and kid making stupid dance moves, dancing like no one is watching, laughing out loud.

Reminisce through photos

Going through marriage album, old photos, sharing them on social media by writing something good and unique about your spouse. Also, enjoying watching marriage video acts as the cherry on the cake.

With kids, it’s a little tough to have candlelight dinner. Having meals together and dress to impress, to make meals extra special.

Spend quality time together

It was nice, we both enjoyed it. Had good and heavy meals Hopefully next year we’ll go to someplace but it was good to mark this anniversary like the best one to date.

How did you celebrate your special event in lockdown?

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  1. This time is helping us learn what is the most important thing in out lives.. i.e health and our loved ones.
    Very well put. Thank you

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