Lessons You Should Learn from Hrithik’s ‘Kaabil’

How troublesome is it to find true love in today’s world? Really it is quite a tough task. Finding love and that too ‘True love’ is almost a revocable task. However, the movie ‘Kaabil’ showed Hrithik finding the love of his life.

In this heart-winning movie, Hrithik Roshan played the character of a blind man, who finds his perfect love in Yami Gautam, who also played character of a blind woman.


In today’s world, True love has indeed become a rare thing to find but if two blind people can find their true love story in each other, why can’t you find it in real life? Because you still need to understand a few things about love that can make your quest for finding a ‘true love’ a bit easier and simpler.

These are the lessons that Hrithik and Yami from Kaabil taught us. Have a look!

·       Look beyond the outer appearance

Hrithik played a blind-man character, so it is quite clear that he was not able to see Yami. He fell in love with her soul and the person that she was and not the looks. Nowadays, people only focus on the looks of the other person which acts as a barrier in the hunt of true love. But if you focus on the internal beauty rather than external beauty, finding your true love is not so difficult.

·       Have faith in the concept of soul mates

Though people think that soul mate or real love is merely a myth, Hrithik found his perfect love in Yami. If he can, so can you. People fall in love for their sake, with someone who is convenient while soul mate won’t be your perfect match but someone who you will have an undeniable connection with you. It will very unusual, magical and the best feeling, just wait for it.

· Do negative positive kaise ho sakte hain (How can two negatives be positive)

When you come to know that you find a person who shares the exact same bond as you do, or if they are imperfect in any manner, you are lucky enough. Being and being with someone who shares somewhat similar flaws as you do, you are bestowed with the opportunity to grow and mend your false with their support and companionship. The most important lesson that ‘Kaabil’ teaches is that you will always find your soul mate sooner or later and that mate will always be perfect for you. Keep on finding the best person for yourself.

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