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It is the symbol that the people involved in a relationship with love and care for each other and are ready to live together for their whole life.

Commitment is very important for a happy, stable, and long-lasting relationship.  Commitment acts as a bridge between two people which helps to bind them together and provide a sense of belonging.


It is a feeling like a vow which is important for strong and stable relationships. It binds people in a beautiful bond of love and happiness.


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Commitment is not about intruding into each other’s life but supporting your partner and spending life together.

Here are some tips to adhere to a committed relationship:

Be clear to yourself: Have a clear conscience and a clear mind. Be sure about your love for the person to whom you would be committed. Listen to your heart and feelings; if you feel excited and happy by just a mere thought of that person, then you are on the right path.


Know each other more: Knowing the person is important for adhering to a committed relationship. Spend time with each other and know the likes and dislikes of the person. Give time to each other and try to understand each other’s point of view. Clear all the wrong notions if you have developed any, about the person. Most importantly, be yourself and don’t portray a person whom you are not.

Be honest: Honesty is essential for a successful relationship. Be honest to yourself and your love. Share things with them, even if that results in arguments. Even arguments are necessary for a better understanding.


Respect and encourage: Respect each other and their feelings, decisions, thoughts, and point of view. Mutual respect is a must between people. Also, encourage each other. Be supportive in bad times and motivate to take a step ahead. Love is all about holding each other when one falls.

 Respect Space: The more space you give to your partner, the deeper your relationship will be. Trust each other and respect the space of each other. Spend time with each other but don’t expect to be together 24*7.


Equality: There should be no concept of superiority or inferiority. Both should be equal in decision making and freedom of space. There should be no partiality and rules should be the same for both.


Share Responsibilities: Share responsibilities with your partner. Be it be helping your partner in certain chores or sharing the financial burden of the family


“Good relationships just don’t happen.”

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