How to get Sweat proof in summers

Summers mean ice creams, chilled water, fun on the beaches, lazy holidays but high temperatures.

The rising temperature can leave you drenched with sweat. The sweat helps to release the toxins out of our body but can make your face appear greasy. Though we make a lot of effort to keep our face sweat-free, getting sweat proof in summers is not so easy.

Also, while trying to wipe away the ugly shine from our face, you tend to remove the natural oils from your body.

So, what should be done to stay sweat proof in summers?

What should be done to protect your gorgeous and adoring look?

Here, are some tips to get sweat-free in summers.

  • Use lighter moisturizer

You should use a different moisturizer in different seasons. The thick oily cream that you were using in winters to retain the moisture in the face is not required in summers. Your body will not be getting dry and thus, you don’t need such products; rather use a lighter moisturizer and some sunscreen lotions.

  • Dab skin with blotting paper

Sometimes, your skin can be so stubborn and would secrete sweat all day, despite your various efforts. So, to remove the sweat from your skin, dab your skin with blotting paper. It helps to get sweat-free.

  • Use mineral water mist on your face

To keep your skin oil-free and sweat-free, use the mist which has mineral water in it. It helps to keep your skin glowing and sweat-free. After that, don’t forget to apply a light moisturizer which would balance the moisture levels in the body.

  • Use primer

Use a primer before applying make-up. Heavy make-ups can attract humidity and would spoil your entire look by making your sweaty. But, using a primer before make-up would prevent the attraction of humidity and give you a smudge-free look. Primer can help moisture to lock into the pores.

  • Use salicylic acid

Salicylic acid gives you a matt look and is very useful in getting sweat-free. Though it should be used once or twice a day, using a face wash containing salicylic acid can make a great difference.

It unclogs your pores and gives you a grease-free look.

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