Cocunut Oil: Natural Sunscreen

When summers are in full glory, and the sun has become the worst enemy for a glowing look, using coconut oil can make wonders.

Summers can give you a dull and greasy complexion. But, by taking a little care, we can retain our elegant look with no tanning.

Coconut oil has innumerable benefits, especially in the skincare department. So, by using this humble ingredient, you can stay gorgeous entire summers.

Coconut oil is a versatile ingredient and has been used for ages, to lead a better life. The benefits of this superfood are gradually being acknowledged by the whole world.

Coconut oil benefits the skin in many ways by being an antifungal medicine and to help remove the tan from the skin.

Coconut oil should be used as a suntan and should be applied immediately after any exposure to the sun. It should be applied daily all over the body.

There are various methods to use coconut oil to deal with sun tanning.

ON ITS OWN: It can be used on its own also, without adding anything. It should be applied to the skin. Proper massage for 5-10 minutes can make wonders. It helps to prevent suntan and remove the tanning from the body. You could wipe the excess oil by using a warm cloth on the area.

The coconut oil as a natural sunscreen. But, it can be mixed with certain essential oils. Coconut oil has SPF of only 4-5 which is not sufficient to protect the skin from the scorching sun. So, if you mix coconut oil with oils like carrot seed oil or raspberry seed oil, which have higher SPF, it is more beneficial.

MIXED WITH LICORICE EXTRACT: Mix coconut oil with licorice extract, this would help you to get rid of suntan very quickly.

Licorice root has for some been utilized for a long time now,  as a part of the conventional prescription for its astounding medical advantages. Another property of licorice used by the skin lightening industry is its capacity to help evacuate suntan and shield skin from further tanning.

You can also make a tan removal scrub by grinding 2 tbsp coconut oil with 1.5 tbsp brown sugar and almonds together. This scrub can be used as an effective anti-tan measure when used once or twice a week.

Coconut oil also provides relief in sunburn.

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