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What is the right Baby Carrier?

Baby Carrier

As a first time parent the biggest dilemma is what to buy. One of the essential items during these times is a baby carrier as they gives you a hands free mobility. The important facts which first time parents need to know about baby carriers is it should be sturdy, light weight, hassle free fitting, soft for a baby and essentially it should be able to distribute the weight across both the shoulder of a parent.

While you select your baby carrier keep in mind there are various options, but best baby carrier are soft structured, allows ease for you to go hands free and supports your child’s spine. You can choose between a sling, wrap or a soft structured baby carrier.

While deciding on a baby carrier always go through the buying guide-
1. What maximum weight it can support – ideally the baby carrier should be able to carry a max of 20kgs as it helps you to carry your child till he/she is 2-3 years

2. Fitting and ease of breastfeeding – the carrier should have a right fit. Hard belts or unpadded/non cushioned head holds give discomfort to a child also the parent. Always keep in mind that you cannot keep on removing carrier for breastfeeding. The carrier should allow easy access to make mom’s life easy than messy.

3. Washable – babies are very delicate and are also have low immune system. It is really required to wash the carrier and sanitize during these times.

4. Material – with travel made easy with carrier, the material should be sturdy, breathable and scratch resistant or wear resistant.

With baby carrier making your life easier, it helps your skin to skin bond with your child. So here we have listed the ley pointers on What should be the features a new parent should see before taking the wise decision of getting a baby carrier.

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