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Being a working mom and reaching home at 8 pm, I am in no mood to tell my daughter stories when she goes to sleep. Am I a bad parent? I would not consider myself to be.

But we do go through the peer mommy pressure and try to be supermoms. But sometimes it is really difficult to be one. You cannot be a perfect mom in everything.

As a child, I loved listening to stories and the same is inherited by Krisha (my daughter).

There were days when I would tell a story to Krisha and go off to sleep, with Krisha asking, Mumma what’s next in story?

Over years I have found various podcasts that help me with regaining Krisha stories and much knowledgeable facts and giving me the much-needed rest.

Let me share with you the secret set of podcasts I have found making my life easier and also help reduce her screen time.

  • The story – available on, this podcast has options to download thirty stories free of cost and listen to them offline. Having fairytales story to educational stories, this podcast is a real wonder for any age group.
  • Noodle loaf – Sing along podcast with engaging activities. It’s available as a podcast and also part of apps such as bedtime stories where you can subscribe to this podcast. It also has an Instagram page to keep you tuned to their new episodes that are coming in.
  • Storytime – very apt for smaller kids which makes your kid go into the world of imagination and off to sleep.
  • Brains on – science podcast to keep your child updated to science myths and facts. From why do we have tears to mirror, sequins etc glitter, this podcast serves the purpose of meaningful facts known to your child.
  • The music box – musical podcast educating your child on music concepts and musical instruments. Available on Facebook too.
  • Bedtime history – want your kid to know history, places, people?? Then this is the podcast that you want to let your child hear.

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  1. Really a treasure trove, Pallavi.
    Wish I had such wonderful options two decades back when my little doll was growing up.

    Painstaking but making a difference all the way. Gr8.

  2. Reading to Hearing…. the world is evolving. However, the idea is to engage, educate and enrich. Well done Pallavi…. perfect for rhe present day working moms. Well reserached recommendations….

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