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Relationship after having kids

Relationship after kids is always been taken a setback by many couples. is always been taken a setback by many couples.

I have seen partners being just parents rather being the spouse for each other. If you have kids or are planning kids these are tips which you definitely need to keep on hand.

  • Open communication in finances-

With additional responsibilities of having a kid, most of the families are uncertain of finances and even finance talks. The more you hide behind the wall of non communication, the more Financially you are put burden on self. Having chalk down the Financial things and communication does help a lot.

  • Finding time for self and spouse –

One common mistake that any new parent does is keeping busy with child. It isn’t about just having physical relationship, but also sitting and having small pleasure of playing cards, uno, ludo or even a cup of tea makes for the time not spent together.

  • Keeping the distance on household chores –

It isn’t one man army to handle the home. It’s all about team work. So be it diaper cleaning to bathroom cleaning, it has to be done together. It helps in spending more time with each other and also helps in understanding what each one is doing to keep the house intact.

  • Dates?? – yes you can have dates. Sometimes leaving the kids with family and friends help. Gives you your free time and also gives you your me time too.
  • Positive reinforcement? – it isn’t dificult to do so. All you need is whatsapp and one thing you like about each other. Drop a message to your spouse telling what you like about him/her and see the smile light up on your spouse’s face.

Having kids is all about evolving from self to a care giver without forgetting about self and the intimacy of the couple.

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