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Network is the new Networth

Network is the #NewNormal

We live in a world where we don’t define ourselves with what we have at our home, rather it’s defined by how we are outside. Networking has been part of any corporate culture and now slowly it is part of normal life too. Have you analyzed that the number of followers you have on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is now an opportunity to earn? It is said the more connections you have, the more people follow what you and the more trend they follow of yours.

How networking matter??
1. It makes you more social and people notice you. You are treated with more respect.
2. You increase your chances of career opportunities as people notice you and you are on their minds.
3. You grow your confidence and you build yourself to learn new things.
4. You are more resourceful as you know a good connection. People acknowledge you and take your opinion.
5. You can influence people and people in your connections are impacted by you.

How to do networking?
1. Try understanding about self and when you meet people don’t boost rather listen and understand what exactly you can influence upon.
2. Try to be different in a unique way. People try to explore new things and if you are handy on it, you are the most resourceful person.
3. Know people in your field. If you are networking connect with the right people rather with anyone.
4. Remain calm whenever you interact. Being too excited, angry, or even uninterested makes you a bad networker.
5. Plan on whom you are going to network and what and why of networking. You cannot have aimless networking.

“Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.” — Herminia Ibarra

Make networking a habit rather than forcing it, because networking is the new net-worth.

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